Cellulite: What It Is, Causes & Treatment

What Stage Is My Cellulite?

Stage 1: It is not visible when lying down, it is not noticeable when standing upright, it appears when you take your skin in your hand and squeeze it between your fingers. (You can say “Hello!” to cellulite).

Stage 2: It is still not visible while lying down, and cellulite appears while standing upright without squeezing your skin with your hands. This means you have level 2 cellulite. If you want to get rid of cellulite at this level and regain your old health, it will be beneficial to get support from a physician.

Stage 3: If you can see cellulite on your skin while lying down, your discomfort has progressed a lot. You are at level 3. You should definitely get support from the doctor before it gets worse, otherwise, you will progress to a more advanced level, have a worse appearance, and you will have pain and it will be very difficult and challenging to reduce cellulite by being treated from higher levels.

Stage 4: They are visible when lying down, but are very noticeable when you stand up. The skin is so wavy that it looks like there are layers. In this case, you are at the most advanced level and you should immediately consult a skin specialist.

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How to Treat Cellulite?

First of all, this must be known very well. It should not be considered as a one-way treatment. The key to minimizing this problem is:

supporting the treatment in many ways.” Even if you are being treated in any clinic, your doctor will give you homework. For the maximum result that can be achieved, this level can only be reached with the supportive elements of the treatment as well as the treatment.

For example: in addition to the clinical treatment, these substances, which we will explain below with the reasons for repetition, will have a very positive effect; Consumption of “adequate” water, brisk walking, exercise, eating an adequate and balanced diet, cutting bad carbohydrates and consuming green leafy vegetables, quitting fast food and foods with extended shelf life, not drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol, not wearing tight clothes.

Mesotherapy and lipolysis applications are widely used for cellulite treatment in clinics. In mesotherapy, it is tried to be treated by injecting the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. In lipolysis, the fat is broken down by hot and cold pressing. 

Within the time given to you by the doctor, the fat that is broken down by drinking plenty of water and walking is removed from the body. These procedures should definitely be done in a clinical setting and by experts. Otherwise, the operation may be in vain, and you may encounter results that may threaten your health.

It is very difficult to talk about a clear method (a device that can be used for every patient or a common method) used in the treatment of cellulite. Because this discomfort occurs due to many factors.

Therefore, each patient is first examined under the supervision of a doctor, the factor causing cellulite is found in that person and the appropriate treatment method is selected


How to Eliminate Cellulite at Home?

⦁ “Adequate” water consumption (at least 2-2.5 liters),

⦁ You should minimize carbohydrates,

⦁ Take a brisk walk every day,

⦁ Exercise(sport),

⦁ You should definitely stay away from fast food and foods with extended shelf life,

⦁ Focus on consuming green leafy vegetables rich in magnesium,

⦁ Instead of wearing tight clothes, choose clothes that do not tighten your body.

⦁ You should stop drinking caffeinated beverages such as filter coffee and cola,

⦁ You need to stay away from alcohol,

Water consumption should not be exaggerated because when the body receives more water than needed, it can trigger edema. Green tea should also be consumed with expert advice, and excessive intake may cause serious disorders such as liver failure. 

Green tea taken in a certain amount will have a positive effect on blood circulation and will ensure that the cellulite area is cleaned of toxic substances.

When you stay away from bad carbohydratesfast food, and foods with extended shelf life, you reduce the number of poisons and sodium stored in your body.  When you consume green leafy vegetables rich in magnesium instead, you will help your body to get rid of toxins.

Since tight clothes and a sedentary life slow down blood circulation, you can make the blood circulation faster by dressing loosely, walking, and exercising. Just by doing these, you can get positive results in the healing of newly formed cellulite and you will prevent cellulite that may occur later in your body.

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Are Cellulite Creams and Massages Effective?

Cellulite means the presence of toxins that have not been removed from the body. Since toxins cannot be removed from the body with cream and massage, it only provides a supportive contribution to the treatment. Since some creams and massage accelerate blood flow, they can provide instant relief and prevent new formations by providing a superficial effect for very light cellulite in the new stage of formation.


Does Cellulite Go Away with Exercise and Sports?

Cellulite is a lymphatic circulation disorder. It is an ailment seen in oily areas of the body. In oily areas, vascularity is less. Since the vascularization is less, the blood circulation will be less in the oily area. Low blood circulation means that it is difficult to remove toxins from the body.

Since the lymphatic drainage in the region is insufficient, exercise and walking definitely have a very important contribution to accelerating circulation. Even if you get the support of a specialist for advanced cellulite, you should definitely exercise. You will both get more positive results from your treatment and provide resistance against new cellulite.

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Is Cellulite Completely Gone? How Does It Go Completely?

The treatment does not guarantee that it will be 100% eliminated, but you can minimize the treatment with supportive factors, stop its progression and prevent new formations.

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