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Clues to tighten large pores

After puberty, many people face the problem of excessively oily skin due to the effect of hormones. Pores are skin channels that contain oil.

 When the amount of oil they carry increases, the volume of the pores increases and they become more visible. Therefore, large pores begin to appear on the face. In order to cope with this problem, the oil load can be reduced and the pores can have a tighter appearance. 

There are three stages of reducing the oil load in the pores. Even in these three stages, which we can call routine skincare, you can achieve significant results.

Step 1: Daily skincare with cleansers

It is very important that the cleansing products to be used are suitable for the skin type, and moreover the trick to get full results.

 You can do your daily care by massaging your face twice a day when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep in the evening. “I cleaned my face with makeup remover, no need to wash it tonight.” 

You should definitely get such thoughts out of your head. At the end of the day, you should definitely do your care with cleansing gel or water.

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Step 2: Tonic and moisturizing

Do not use tonic without peeling or cleansing products. Because tonic; has a firming effect on cleaned and exposed pores.

Most people forget the last humidification process. But without moisturizing, the skin will dry out over time, which will increase skin problems. Also, dry skin means prematurely ageing skin.

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Step 3: Opening the pores with peeling

Dead cells on the skin interlock with each other and settle into the pores and block these channels. Blackheads also appear at this stage. 

To prevent blackheads, you should peel at least 2 times a week to remove dead cells from the face

Be careful to use peeling with herbal acid or microparticles. This way you open the pores. After peeling, you should not forget to tonic and moisturizing.


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