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What is really an aloe vera and its benefits our skin ?


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credit: laurin-scheuber--unsplash Aloe Vera Plant

It is a tropical climate plant with long thin and thick green leaves that can hold plenty of water like a cactus. There is a natural gel rich in vitamins between the leaves. The part that people benefit from is this gel with a slimy structure and transparent colour.

It is known that many civilizations from history to the present have used the aloe vera plant both for therapeutic purposes and in the field of beauty. It was sometimes referred to as the “plant of immortality“, sometimes it was a treatment element in healing the wounds of soldiers, and sometimes it was a cosmetic material for the daily care of their queens.

Today, aloe vera, which attracts the attention of the northern countries, is called the “doctor plant“. On a global scale, many cosmetic brands produce their products with aloe vera content, and beauty centres suggest products containing aloe vera.

So why has aloe vera attracted so much attention since history?

 What are the benefits? and Why and how to use aloe vera?

The answer to these questions will surprise you.  Here are the benefits of aloe vera…

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⦁ Prevents the growth of newly formed acne.

⦁ When used with oils in hair care, it moisturizes and shines the hair.

⦁ Although there are many reasons for hair loss, there is a large mass

 that reduces hair loss as a result of the use of aloe vera.

⦁ Helps to reduce cellulite. (If you want to lighten your cellulite using

aloe vera, check out the cure at this link.) (Click here for what cellulite is, how it occurs and other treatment methods).

⦁ Increases type 1 collagen(The principal structural protein present in the skin and other connective tissues that is commonly used in aesthetic surgical treatments in pure form).

⦁ It helps to reduce inflammation on the skin with its antibacterial feature. It is a natural antibacterial, does not contain preservatives that provide longer shelf life than cosmetic brands use in products.

aloe vera benefit

⦁ Accelerates the healing process in the skin.

⦁ Moisturizes the skin.

⦁ Meets the skin’s need for vitamin E.

⦁ It tightens the skin.

⦁ It helps to reduce the small lines that are signs of ageing.

⦁ It is good for stomach pain.

⦁ It facilitates digestion.

⦁ It is very easy to grow at home. The ability to pluck a leaf from the pot and apply it directly provides a great advantage in terms of ease of use.


We recommend that you consult your physician before use, just in case. Every treatment may not have the same effect on everyone. It can result in positive or negative. Our article is a general recommendation prepared with the hope of healing.

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