Why foreigners are leaving Türkiye ?

Why foreigners are leaving Türkiye ?

Turkey which is actually known as Türkiye is a dream destination for a lot of people. It is actually one of the most visited countries in summer to spend their holiday. After their holidays some of the people falling in love with the Turkish culture and the beauty of the country decide to settle and live in Türkiye even some students after their graduation from Turkish University. 

 But in the last months, a lot of immigrants decided to leave the country for another or go back to their motherland. Foreigners are leaving Türkiye every day even those who have been living in this beautiful country for more than 10 years.

The reason foreigners are leaving Türkiye

There are actually a lot of people selling their home furniture every day on social media (Facebook Marketplace) and there is behind this, they are selling them because they are leaving the country.

Why foreigners are leaving Türkiye ?


On the 6th of February, an earthquake of magnitude between 7,6, and 7,5 happened in Türkiye. The country is already an earthquake country several happened every year but this one was very big. And Scientists and researchers have been saying for years that a big earthquake will happen in Istanbul the most popular and crowded city in the country and where approximately 1.3 million live legally according to the Hurriyet foreign in Türkiye. Because of these kinds of rumors, a lot of foreigners are leaving the country massively every day.

Economic crisis

The Turkish economy has been going bad in these last few years but since 2018 it has worsened, which has made life difficult for a lot of people in the country both foreigners and natives. These made life expensive in Türkiye. The price of houses, rent, bills, food, and beverage are skyrocketing every month and it has become uncontrollable. Living in Türkiye is becoming hard every. This is one of the reasons why both natives and foreigners are leaving the country.


According to Turkish media, “It’s not just the price hikes waiting for the post-election… The real system will be blocked. After the election, will banks’ trust funds remain as loan collateral? In other words, after the election, banks may face the danger of losing their financial power to lend.” “It is obvious that the main reason for not bringing foreign currency to Turkey is insecurity. Therefore, if a government that gives confidence to foreigners comes to power after the election, the Western capital, which does not mention Turkey’s name, can completely change its attitude.”

Residence Permit İssue (hard to get)

Since the end of 2022, the Turkish office of immigration has been rejecting a lot of applications ikamet (residence permit ), because of their new strict rule and Turkish police are often in the street asking people for ID  more than they used to ask before and dressed a civil [Ask them for ID, so they can prove that they are police first cause some are scammer Turkish citizens…] something that I have personally never since I am in the country. There are people who have been living here for more than 10 years and they are actually forced to leave the country because of the rejection of their ikamet.

Why foreigners are leaving Türkiye ?


For these listed reasons a lot of foreigners have decided to leave this beautiful country of Türkiye, to chase their dream somewhere else. And trying to be the victim of an earthquake, to be forced to leave a hard life that might be caused by an economic crisis, the result of the coming election, or live illegally and end up being banned from the country.

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