Apple app of the year 2022

Apple App of the year (2022)

Apple App of the year is awarded to the app which has been downloaded more than a million times. The list of the top-down loaded apps as well as the winners of Apple’s App Store Awards for 2022 have been revealed.

The Xpeng flying car​

The Xpeng flying car

The Xpeng flying car This is not the first VTOL the world has seen, but most prototype VTOL cars (VTOL stands for Vertical Take-off and Landing) tend to more closely resemble smaller planes. The Xpeng flying car​ in Dubai The arrival of commercially viable flying cars has been erroneously foretold countless times before over the course of …

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What is Fiat money ?

In the past, most countries used gold and silver as their standard currency. However, after World War II, when the world’s gold supply was reduced to less than 8 million ounces, most countries switched to a new type of currency-fiat money. Fiat money refers to any money that has a value assigned to it by …

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The evolution of money

The idea of money has been around for centuries, and the concept has evolved significantly over time. Early forms of money were based on natural resources such as gold and silver, which had intrinsic value. However, as trade became more globalized, paper money was introduced as a convenient way to exchange goods and services. Today, …

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