The new features in iPadOS 17

The new features in iPadOS 17, with a focus on the improvements made to Stage Manager.

The new features in iPadOS 17, with a focus on the improvements made to Stage Manager. The changes include more flexibility in resizing and moving windows, the ability to place windows anywhere on the iPad, and easier app addition to the current stage. These enhancements make Stage Manager more user-friendly and efficient in managing Windows. Support for external webcams and customizable lock screens.

Stage Manager

The new features in iPadOS 17

In previous versions, Stage Manager had limited flexibility in terms of resizing and moving windows. However, in iPadOS 17, there are now more predefined points, making window resizing and movement much more flexible and almost completely resizable. Windows can now be placed anywhere on the iPad, with the option to snap to a position near a corner or the center.

 This update also makes background windows less aggressive in moving around, allowing for stacking windows on top of each other without dramatic shifts. Additionally, users can now easily add apps to a current stage without having to drag and drop, by simply shift-clicking on the app in the dock, recent strip, app library, or Spotlight. Stage Manager is more user-friendly and efficient in managing Windows. Another notable feature in iPadOS 17 is the support for external webcams, including those built into monitors, enabling better video calls and the ability for apps to use external cameras and for the iPad to act as a capture device.

The Control Center and Notification Center

The Control Center and Notification Center have been improved, allowing for easier access to keyboard shortcuts and menu options. Additionally, home screen widgets are now interactive, allowing users to complete tasks, start timers, or open web pages without opening the respective app. Changes to system widgets are also highlighted, such as the addition of play buttons to the music widget.

The Home app now has a widget, allowing users to toggle home kit devices. Shortcuts have also received an XL widget, although the presenter encountered a bug that prevented them from demonstrating it. Spotlight has been enhanced with app shortcuts, allowing users to quickly access app-specific data without opening the app. However, the ability to use the system keyboard with app shortcuts would be a welcome addition.

One of the updates is a new text style in the Notes app that allows users to change the font to a monospace font for writing code snippets or anything they want to stand out. Additionally, the Reminders app now supports column view, allowing users to create a Kanban system for projects and tasks with multiple steps. 

PDF support has also been improved, with the default PDF viewer, Preview, offering a form detection button that uses machine learning to identify fields that need to be filled out. Autofill has been upgraded as well, making it easier to fill out text boxes with stored contact information.

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