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Airplane mode during a flight

We are all warned to put our phones in Airplane mode during every flight journey, especially during departure and landing. Most of the passengers immediately put their phones in this mode without asking why. Just by following these warnings as it is a mandatory rule.

Well, what happens if we don’t, is there any real benefit for the plane to switch to this mode, what can happen to us on the plane if we don’t get it?

The Airplane mode feature

With the Airplane mode feature in smartphones. It is partially prevented from sending and receiving signals from outside without the need to turn off the device.

For example, it helps to continue using the phone by disabling features such as network, Bluetooth, mobile data, Wi-fi. In short, it prevents you from being online, connecting with other devices, and using mobile data.

Apart from that, you can continue to benefit from other features of your phone. Since flight companies want these functions of mobile devices to be disabled for precautionary reasons. It is the Airplane mode feature.

The importance of the Airplane mode

Let’s come to the question of flight quality, what is the importance of this function? Our brief answer is “electronic emission”.

As you know, there are electronic indicators in the cockpit section of the aircraft to find directions, and electronic systems for accident prevention are also located here. As an answer to the question, we can also explain it as a precaution taken to ensure their safety. Because of phones, tablet computers, etc. Products work with radio frequencies.

Electronic devices and other security devices are used by the pilot to communicate with the tower. Also, operate at frequencies similar to those emitted by telephones. There may be confusion with the frequencies which are emitted from the electronic devices of the passengers. Therefore, parasites can occur during the exchange of information. This jeopardizes the safety of the aircraft.

In fact, when you bring your phone close to a place where the radio is playing, the same interference sounds will come to your ears. In the same way, interference can occur when the aircraft pilot is communicating with the tower.

How do aircraft companies prevent accidents (Airplane mode)?

There is no recorded accident related to the subject yet. But what?

Airline companies are already thinking about is looking for ways to prevent an accident rather than first aid after an accident. As you know, unfortunately, the vast majority of plane crashes result in disasters.

 Therefore, some decisions are taken considering the risks. One of these resolutions was the ban on the use of mobile devices in aircraft in 1991. In the 2000s, passengers were provided with a little more convenience with the Airplane mode feature that came to electronic goods.

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