Gokpusu UAV Team

Gokpusu engineering students studying from Pamukkale University establish this team. The purpose of its establishment is to conduct research in aircraft and to work on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems by reinforcing our theoretical knowledge. To examine and develop unmanned aerial vehicles and to produce original products by increasing their equipment by using new technological experiences.

Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival

Turkey organized a technology competition, every year. The first and only aviation, aerospace, and technology festival in Turkey. They organized competitions into 12 different categories. People of different ages can enter the competitions with their projects, from primary school pupils to businesses.

In each category, they award the winners money. The price of the winners is different according to the categories. For Gokpusu it was their first time applying to the competition and trying to take part.

Gokpusu UAV team project (Gökpusu)

As result came with a negative response from Teknofest for Gokpusu.The team intend to pursue another category of the competition. So they could stay in the contest.

This new category allows each team to come up with a new idea and modernize of their own which allows them to make a UAV of their choice.After thinking and analyzing the situation of what they can come up with. They have decided of making an aircraft different from the normal UAV. In Denizli Turkey in their office, They’ve been working around the clock to catch up and compete.So in order to pursue the competition, they’ve finally created a VTOL aircraft.

Gokpusu Team Member

The team has only 6  engineering students from Pamukkale University and they are from different majors:

  • 3 mechanical engineering,
  • A manufacturing engineering,
  • A material and metallurgy engineering
  • And a computer engineering students
Team member

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