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There is more beauty than you can see

I love watching until the moon disappears from the sky. When I see the moon, I feel enchanted. Every time I see it, I think it’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever seen in my life.

It helps me show my way. I am grateful for it. As I think about this, I see the moon slowly disappearing to illuminate others.

First, I am afraid of losing the light. Who wants to lose the light in the middle of the dark? I’m afraid everything will be dark.

Do you know what I noticed today? After the moon sets, the sun rises. Yes, I believe in the sun, my sun will rise and I know the moon gets its light from the sun. When my sun rises, I will find my “true” light!

What I mean above is that you don’t need to worry too much about temporary beauties. Because what you look around, you can realize that everything has an end. You can think of the beauties around as a trust from God to us.

It could be any substance in the universe or the world, it could be a part of your body, it could be your child, your husband, your wife or even your breath. One day God will come and take back his trust from you. Because everything came from God and we all came from God, and at the end, we all return to it.

Just take care of that trust, love and protect it until that day. Don’t waste your happy days by being afraid of losing. At that moment, feel lucky and be happy that this thing is with you. Be happy because of what God has given you. Love it because of God. Realize that the true source of love and beauty is the eternal god.

Just as the moon owes the beauty of its own light to the sun. We all creatures owe our beauty to the beauty of God. In fact, Yunus Emre summarized what I meant in one sentence; “I love the created, because of the creator.”

Do not stick to the small and deadly beauty, remember the light of the sun. Imagine there is a greater beauty than what you see now.

There is more beauty than you can see.

The beauty of God

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