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Place to visit in Denizli

Top Place to visit in Denizli

This is one of Turkey’s most visited cities each year. Maybe you didn’t know about the city, although it attracts approximately a million visitors each summer. Both locals and visitors from other countries. Since 2017, I’ve lived in Denizli.I can see that there are many places to visit in Denizli. If you can get a museum card, that would be fantastic since you can save a lot of money and get free admission to all museums for a year.

Pamukkale Travertine (Thermal Pool)

Thermal waters in the Büyük Menderes basin generated the Pamukkale travertines, which are a visual feast. Pamukkale, located in Denizli, is known for its snow-white travertines, curative thermal waters, the interesting Cleopatra Pool, the Historic City of Hierapolis, and its spectacular ancient theatre. All of which attract millions of visitors each year.

If you’re wondering, what exactly do you require?

Based on my experience, I would recommend purchasing all necessary items such as food, water bottles, and slippers, as these are the items that I am confident you will require. We can find them in Pamukkale, although they will be much more pricey than typical.

What is the best way to get to the Pamukkale?

The best way to go to Pamukkale is to take the bus from the Denizli bus station. The entry charge to the Pamukkale Travertines has increased from 80 to 110 Turkish Liras.

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Salda Lake

Thousands of tourists visit Salda Lake each year. People call this “Turkey’s Maldives,” and has a social media presence that extends beyond Turkey’s borders. With its turquoise water and lengthy white beaches. Salda is one of Turkish’s deepest freshwater lakes, located in the Yeşilova area between Burdur and Denizli.

How to go to Salda lake?

The distance between Denizli and Salda is around 84,5 kilometres, and the cost is approximately 15 Turkish Lira.


Denizli Cable Car

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One of Denizli’s most beautiful spots. The views and natural beauty are breathtaking. You can see the wonderful view of Denizli if you walk out on a day when the weather is nice. Cabins for up to eight people. There is a free shuttle to the plateau from the top half of the cable car, which is at a height of 1400 meters.

There are bungalows and tents on the plateau, which is really picturesque. Tents from the outside are not permitted. In the forest, there is also a bungee jumping facility and an adventure track. Picnic spots are available. Denizli Cable Car Price Schedule A fee of 40 TL for each complete ticket. Credit cards are not accepted.

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Denizli cable car
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Acipayam Canyon

Another place to visit in Denizli but currently under construction. A beautiful canyon to hike for families with children. Although it is currently closed because of construction, you can still get in and visit the entrance. The canyon is beautiful. They have built a walking path up to a point. It continues forward by entering the water. The water is too cold. Take slippers with you and enter the water, I would definitely recommend it. There is a ladder ahead of the canyon, there is a waterfall ahead of it. Besides, bring your slippers with you because there are places to put your feet in and I can say that slippers are more logical than shoes.


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