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The Sick Mentality of the East

The Cry Of a Woman Raising From The Sick Mentality of the East

I tell myself; “Don’t stop, keep on running to find yourself inside you. Think all people you know are desperate malady. Actually, you are all alone between sick bodies.

Growing up as a Miss Robot who just listen to their issues or be drowning insane in your loneliness. You have to be a useful piece of fabric or a pen with finished ink. And being a newly purchased book’s smell or a napkin to be dumped. All alone between sick bodies. You are a woman or NOTHING, actually!.

The Sick Mentality of the East

People will approach you and speak to you simply because you are listening to them; otherwise, they would abandon you till you go insane. They will not go, though, until their work is completed. 

They’ll throw you like a finished pen if you don’t do what they want. They’ll take you to a few classes with them. Why did you do such insignificant things? What matters is what you accomplished.

In Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development, this is the pre-conventional stage. They will merely look at a handful of your characteristics and categorize you into one of two groups: good or terrible.

Whatever you do, you can not be a human in their eyes if you are a woman. You’re just a housewife who does the dishes, listens to her father before marriage and her husband thereafter, remains at home and keeps her honour between her legs, and was born to give birth to a kid for her husband or nothing. But they forget women are the ones who give birth to humans!

In their contaminated environment, we have no choice but to be who we want to be. Either you get infected like them or you leave this world. You, sure, you are so alone among the sick…

But being grateful to the people who taught and educate you also made you realize these rules. Because now you know and you can fight with these ideas. As I said at the beginning, “just don’t stop running to find yourself. Because the only important thing is what you think! “

I named it “The Cry Of a Woman the Sick Mentality of the East”

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