The Drone Hunter drone



Drone Avlayan Drone(DAD) ,the drone was exposed in Ataturk international airport during a technology festival in Istanbul.The drone is built by Dasal a Turkish aerospace industry based on rotary drones.

 The UAV can be described as a hunting drone whose role or task is to trace and take down other drones by throwing a net trap to their target.


The drone has two cameras, the first a normal camera that is active during the day and the second which is a thermal camera for dark places.In addition to having a thermal camera, the drone is equipped with a giant torch which is lit when it is dark.

approaches the target with the help of its special algorithms, neutralizes the target by net throwing or net sweeping depending on the nature of the threat. the first is happening.

The drone feature automatically detects and diagnoses the target with its special technologies.In the picture as you can see there is a white quadrone left there as an example of simulation.

huter drone

DAD can fly for a duration of 30 minutes, it has a payload of 15 kg  and has a capacity to scan an area  with a diameter of 10 km.

There other drone who can be refered as espion

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