Airpods with touch display

Airpods with touch display

Apple develops an AirPods Case with a Touch Display on the front that enables customers to interact with apps for Music, Apple TV+, Maps, and other services. Apple believes that there is a further need for a headphone case that provides information to a user, as opposed to the current AirPods cases that only contain a user’s AirPods. More intriguingly, the headphone cover in certain variations incorporates a touch-sensitive display. Some examples include a graphical user interface on the headphone case. (GUI).

Utilizing an AirPods Case's Touch Display

With improved methods and interfaces for providing tactile outputs, a headphone case may include displays, touch-sensitive surfaces, one or more tactile output generators, one or more device orientation sensors, and optionally an audio system. This increases the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction with such devices. Such techniques and interfaces might supplement or take the place of current techniques for delivering tactile outputs.

Apple’s new AirPods model with a touch display

  • Apple patents touch display for AirPods case
  • The display could let you control music
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