cr 02 lap 60 scaled

Is this a military espionage drone(Lapis CR-02 Lap-60) ?

The LAPİS CR -02 LAP-60 is widely used in surveillance, defence, and security applications, as well as aerial mapping, border security, oil, gas, and natural gas pipeline safety, and agricultural applications. It can be loaded with a variety of payloads depending on the application.

It is a fully autonomous vehicle with completely unique hardware and software. With its 30X EO(Electro-Optical) and plug/play IR ( Infrared Sensors) payloads, it may be utilized day or night and has a high payload capacity to complete the mission in difficult situations.

Because of its many capabilities, this drone can be classified as a spy drone when all of the characteristics available in this UAV are combined. With a simple design compared to traditional rotary wings, it has four motors.

System Specification

  • Weight: 5750 gr ( with Electro-Optical payload)
  • Flight duration: over 55 minutes ( with Electro-Optical payload)
  • Flight speed : 54 km/h
  • Max.range : over 5 km optional
  • Altitude (MSL): 10.000 feet
  • (MSL =  Mean Sea Level is the equipotential surface of the Earth as described by the WGS84 geoid).
  • Altitude (AGL): 2.000 feet

(height above ground level AGL or HAGL) it is a height measured with respect to the underlying ground surface.

  • Real-time encrypted video and data transfer.


This drone features a one-of-a-kind hardware and software design, as well as precise navigation using GPS (Global Positioning System).

The flight is totally autonomous, with situation awareness during flight, a smart battery management system capable of following mobile GCS (Ground Control Station), and automatic in-flight landing.

The drone contains an emergency system and alternative landing algorithms, as well as emergency protocols (GPS or link loss etc…).

Ground Control System(GSC)

Real-time telemetry display and recording, online/offline map support, elevation analysis along the flight.

A path with audible and visual alerts, as well as the ability to build numerous flight plans, handle many UAVs at once, and save data (video and photo).

cr 02 lap 60 scaled

LAPİS payload system

The payload is actually the camera under the chassis of the drone. The LAPİS payload system :
Lapis 3 axis gimble systems:
3 axes gyro-stabilized Electro-Optical payload, 2.4 Ghz operating frequency H.264 compressed video output, 3 axes gyro-stabilized Infrared Sensors, scene tracking, target tracking (optional), video recording, and geo-lock.
palis payload
palis drone

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