Albatros Dalsa

The X8-3500 (Albatros)

The drone was unveiled by the business Dasal during the Teknofest festival in Istanbul (Ataturk Airport). The X8-3500 (Albatros) belongs to the overweight drone category. They utilized the drone for Search and Rescue, and as an ambulance to transport needed material… It was outfitted with a regular camera and a thermal camera.

It may also be used as a freight drone to transport materials to various areas, with a payload capacity of 50-70 kg.

And has a horizontal speed of 100 km/h. The aircraft has 45 minutes of flight duration with a maximum of 355 kg of take-off and can work between -20 °C and 50 °C degrees celsius.

The front wing is 2100 mm apart, the front and back wings are 2800 mm apart, and the height from the ground to the top is 1500 mm.


More details about the Albatros:

Ground control station

Military-type tactical map support (compatible with RASTER and DTED).

Define Restricted Area.

Real-Time video and maintenance control.

Total flight time and maintenance check.

Traceability command Screen (optional).

The future of UAV GP-1 VTOL Drone (Gokpusu)

Flight Control Computer

Autonomous return without GNSS (Back home).

Task switching (continuous task ability).

autonomous navigation.

Follow Mode.

Autonomous return to home when data link is lost.

remaining flight time calculator.

Redundant sensor units.

Advanced sensor fusion.

obstacle avoidance.

ADS-B transmitter.

Redundant GNSS System.

Anti-JAM GNSS solution (optional).

3 Redundant Autopilot and GNSS System.

Albatros Dalsa
Albatros Dalsa

Propulsion system

Latest Technology Brushless DC Motor.

Special Design carbon fibre propeller.

power system.

High capacity smart battery pack solution.

Ergonomic battery Design.

Battery Charge level indicator.

Hybrid system with ICE (optional).

Easy to use

Attachable / removable rotor arms.

Attachable/removable landing gear.

Navigation lights for easy plug-in.

Quick battery change.

Plug and play surveillance system.

regular & thermal camera

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