Apple Glass

Apple Glass was expected to be introduced in 2023

The price, technical features, and release date of Apple Glass, which was expected to be introduced in 2023, are known. The biggest feature of Apple Glass will be the secure face recognition feature. Payment can be made using a facial recognition system with Apple Glass. Apple Glasses, which would incorporate the technology into regular eyewear as opposed to a bulky and cyborg-like headpiece, are the holy grail of augmented reality.


According to rumors, Apple was planning to create a pair of portable augmented reality glasses that would compete with Google Glass. Instead of offering immersive virtual experiences like the AR/VR headset, the glasses would provide digital information overlaid in the real world. However, Apple has not been able to create the necessary hardware to produce a lightweight wearable that has the power of an iPhone and enough battery life to run it.


Apple Glass
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The Apple Glass project was originally scheduled to arrive in 2023, but Apple postponed it to 2025. As of right present, the product’s delivery has been delayed “indefinitely.” Apple has also slowed down the development of the product, so it is unlikely that Apple Glasses will launch anytime soon, according to Bloomberg.

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