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How do I send a Crypto from a wallet to another?

Is it possible to send my cryptocurrencies to another crypto-wallet?

This is one of the most asked questions when it is about cryptocurrency and the answer to this question is YES.

After the following question is how much is the transfer fee?

It depends on a lot of factors, there are 2 main factors to know: the amount of money which is going to be sent, and sender the wallet the money will move from because ,it is the wallet charging fee.

There are wallets that charged higher than the others or almost nothing.

Send my cryptocurrencies to another crypto-wallet

In every crypto-wallet the sender and the receiver address of 12 characters whatever the crypto you are planning to send or receive its can be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano …ect, it doesn’t matter.

İf you want to send from blockchain to binance:
  • Select Bitcoin from the Currency drop-down menu after clicking Send.
Blockchain portofolio

  • If you have numerous sub-wallets, use the From drop-down option to select the one you wish to send from.
  •  Paste the recipient’s address or scan the QR code into the To field.
  • Fill in the amount you’d like to send. 

The minimum fee is 0,00001305 BTC = 0,66 USD.

I send an amount of 30 dollars from blockchain to binance as you can see from the screenshot.

transaction from Blockchain to Coinbase

If you want to send from Coinbase to BtcTurk :

It is almost the same process to copy the receiver address and paste it to the sender this transaction was totally free none of the wallets charged me a transfer fee.


  • Select Pay on the left side of the screen from the Dashboard.
  • Choose Send.
  • Fill in the amount of cryptocurrency you want to transfer. You can choose whether you want to transfer fiat or a crypto amount.
  • Fill in the crypto address, phone number, or email address of the person to whom you want to transfer the cryptocurrency.
  • Make a note of it (optional).
  • Select Pay with and then the asset from which you want to transfer the cash.
  • To examine the information, choose Continue.
  • Now choose to Send.



WhatsApp Image 2021 12 22 at 22.24.01
Coinbase Transaction

All this process did not take too much time cause the money was sent in less than a minute in both processes.

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