IOS 17

The new features of iOS 17

The new features of iOS 17, include AI voice cloning, Contact Posters, Name drops, Live Voicemail, and Standby Mode, among others. The widget system in iOS has received an upgrade, and night mode now appears to be a deep red on the lock screen. In addition, users can customize their wallpaper, set multiple timers simultaneously, and reply to messages by swiping. 

Siri has also received enhancements, such as its ability to understand “set a five minutes timer,” and the Lookup feature can answer food-related inquiries. Lastly, the messages app now has a check-in feature to alert contacts when users are heading home, with the option to set ETA or use location data. In iOS 15, users can create their custom voice for VoiceOver in the accessibility settings, which could make a massive difference for those who rely on VoiceOver to operate their phones.

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Firstly, the AI voice cloning tool is impressive, allowing the iPhone to talk for you. Another notable feature is Contact Posters, where your custom poster shows up to your contacts when you call them, and you can customize the poster in various ways. Additionally, iOS 17 has a Name Drop feature, allowing you to instantly swap contact details by tapping your phone with another iPhone.

The new widget system

One of the significant improvements is the new widget system that now comes with interactive features such as buttons to send a message, call contacts, and control music. Another significant update is the night mode feature that automatically shows up as a deep red on the lock screen at night. Photos have received an upgrade as well: users can now choose which album to display, and for every live photo, users can set it as a dynamic wallpaper by turning on the live photo option. 

There are also new wallpaper options, including the Astronomic wallpapers and the new Kaleidoscope wallpaper with a touchscreen animation that comes to life when you lock or unlock your iPhone. Other updates include the additional timer feature that now allows you to set multiple timers simultaneously, transcriptions for voice notes, and the option to swipe right to reply to messages. Additionally, Siri now understands “set a five minutes timer” as opposed to stating “Hey Siri,” Lookup also has a new feature, and users can now inquire about recipes based on pictures of food. Lastly, there is a new ‘check-in’ feature on the messages app that allows users to alert contacts when they are heading home and the estimated time of arrival. Users have the option to set their ETA or use location data to alert contacts.

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