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The Apple Vision Pro headset

The Apple Vision Pro headset

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The Apple Vision Pro headset while playing a game. It is smooth and responsive to the tracking, specifically how the user can reach out and grab objects with ease. The device can map the user’s entire play area, which allows for an in-depth gaming experience. The headset is comfortable to wear, and the Zeiss lenses provide a clear and vivid image. The device’s cooling system prevents it from overheating. Overall, the Apple Vision Pro headset is an impressive and immersive gaming device.

The Apple Vision Pro headset Features

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Apple’s new augmented reality and virtual reality headset is a standalone device with an M2 chip and its own Wi-Fi connection. With dual micro OLED displays and speakers above the ear, this device can be controlled entirely by hand, eye, and voice, eliminating the need for controllers. The headset features a multitude of sensors, cameras, and illuminators to track what’s happening around the device, and more impressively, it can track the user’s eye movements, making the UI feel almost telepathic. The user can select items with a simple finger pinch motion and navigate menus with their eyes. Apple stores will do a custom scan to provide a tailored fit of the headset on the user’s face, and they even include Zeiss lenses for those who wear glasses. The device starts at $3,500 and will go on sale early next year.

The Apple Vision Pro headset, including microphones and optic ID, which recognizes a user’s unique eye pattern. There is the two-way pass-through feature, which allows users to view their surroundings without taking off the headset. The pass-through mode is stereo, color, and sharp, making it the best the speaker has seen in a headset. The eyes seen on the outside of the headset are actually an OLED display showing what your eyes look like to the cameras inside the headset, making it appear as if you’re looking at someone’s eyes.  The headset’s core functions, including its ability to browse the web and computing capabilities, rival Meta’s Quest Pro. Despite being a first-generation product, the headset’s responsiveness and sharpness, and fatigue will eventually be the only hindrance for prolonged use.

Apple’s new technology can mirror the Mac display as one of the 4K windows in the headset and connect to a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth trackpad. Additionally, the headset allows users to type out messages to people and have FaceTime calls with 3D-rendered models of each other.


The eye and hand tracking capabilities are impressive and could lead to exciting developments in the future, but there are downsides to the headset, such as the lack of haptic feedback, the weight, and the short battery life of two hours. The high price of $3,500 is also a major factor to consider. While it has unique features that set it apart from other headsets, it’s clear that this product is not for the masses and is more suited for early adopters and developers.

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