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Raspberry pi to pixhawk wiring (Mav link 1 down solved)

Enable communication between Raspberry pi and pixhwak

Here is a solution how to connect Raspberry pi and pixhwak over USB (without using the DF13 cable).

It means we will use a USB cable to fix this problem. I have been trying to fix it took me almost 3 days to find the solution.

The problem was the source of power in my case Raspberry pi and pixhwak were using a different source of power.

I connected the raspberry to the switchboard and the pixhwak to the laptop, both of them having different sources of power were causing the:

“MavLink MAV> link 1 Down Error,” error

Mav link 1 down 1 1
Mav link 1 down

How to fix mav> link 1 down

First, we type those commands below:

1.“sudo apt-get update,”

in order to update the firmware.

2.“Sudo apt-get install python3-dev python3-opencv python3-wxgtk4.0 python3-pip python3-matplotlib python3-lxml python3-pygame

3.“sudo pip install pymavlink”

For the mavlink

4.“sudo pip install mavproxy”

and this one for the mavproxy.

5.next run “sudo raspi-config “as a route user

RaspberryPi Serial1 1

And in the utility, select “Interfacing Options”:

RaspberryPi Serial2 1

next click “Serial”:

Now, select NO to “Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial?”.

after, select YES to “Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled?”.

Finally, after you completed all the steps reboot the Raspberry Pi when you finished.

Second, we change the source of power we connect the two computer systems to one source of power.

1. Start by connecting the raspberry to a source of power that is not your laptop

photo5877247705162561711 1

2. use a USB cable to connect the pixhwak to the raspberry, now the pixhwak is using the raspberry as a source of power

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3. Connect an ethernet cable to the raspberry and your laptop

Run the code again

You should see: “online system 1”

online system 1 1

2 thoughts on “Raspberry pi to pixhawk wiring (Mav link 1 down solved)”

    1. try this :
      1. make sure you write the command correctly
      2. In this one we did use the USB cable not the DF13 cable
      If it is still not working let me know I will try to help you! 🙂

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