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Where to go in Kuşadasi

Most people know Kuşadası as a district of İzmir, but in the 1950s it was turned into a district of Aydın, which is a neighboring province to İzmir. If you want to spend your holiday both in a small and quiet place that is not very crowded and in a place where you can not get enough of the sun, sea, natural and historical beauties and discover a new wonder at every step, Kuşadası is the right place for you! In case you are planning to visit this place to the fullest, 2-3 days in total will be enough, also you can walk around the center without getting on any means of transportation.

But you should pay attention to the sun, especially in summer. At least don’t forget to pack your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen in your suitcase.

It will also attract your attention with its cheapness compared to other regions in the vicinity. If you go on holiday with a few people and like apart-hotels that offer a more friendly and free family atmosphere, you can spend your holiday more economically.

Your kitchen expenses will also be greatly reduced. Because you can shop for fruits, vegetables, and meat at the marketplaces established in the center, and you can eat whatever you want in your own kitchen.

There are also many economic markets in the city (BİM, A101, ŞOK…). When you don’t want to deal with it, of course, you can also eat from the food of your apartment, hotel or from the restaurants.

Speaking of the surrounding regions, I would like to keep this in mind; Kuşadasi, which has the wonderful beaches of Aydın; It also offers advantages with its proximity to places that are connected to İzmir in the north and Muğla in the south, which open their doors to many tourists around the world, and to other coastal districts of Aydın.

In this way, I have compiled for you the places where you can easily go daily in terms of transportation while staying in Kuşadası.

You can find the places in the center of Kuşadasi, which are easily accessible and close to the center, how you can get there and the conditions waiting for you.


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When you search Kuşadası, Renkli Tepe is often overlooked because historical places and beaches are in the foreground. That’s why I want to talk about this first. It will not be a bad idea to breathe the clean air of the hill combined with the smell of the sea while taking a morning walk in the city center. I am sure that you will capture beautiful shots thanks to the wonderful view overlooking the sea and the air reminiscent of a colorful village. With the “Colorize Life” project, all the houses here, all the stairs used to go up the hill, and each street are painted in different colors and it’s waiting for you to give you a warm “Hello!”


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A historical castle built on the island during the Ottoman period… They built this castle as a precaution and defence area against enemy attacks from the sea, and now it welcomes visitors as a museum with its fascinating structure.

Since it is in the city centre can simply walk there. Even if you’re driving around the city in your own automobile, there is a car park on the small hill just at the entrance of the island.

You can enjoy the sea view during the day and visit this 3-meter high castle and take lots of photos. Then you can join fun boat tours to many regions. “I don’t want to leave here!” If you say so, you can sit in the small tea gardens on the island, drink your tea and coffee and watch the sunset.

At night, it will attract your attention with its magnificent lighting. You can watch the castle’s light and the moonlight at the same time while you sit and have your drink in the places close to here.



Its name is Ladies Beach, but both men and women can use this beach. Those who say “I want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun without leaving the city” prefer this beach.

If you are staying in the centre, it is a beach where you can walk from your hotel or home. As it is a public beach, the entrance is free. You only have to pay a certain fee to rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

There are many cafes and restaurants to satisfy your hunger. You can start dancing wherever you are when you hear the sounds of music rising from these places in the evenings. Or you can choose to lie on the beach and stare at the shooting stars.



It is approximately 35 minutes (by minibus), 25 km from Kuşadası. On the Dilek Peninsula, the deep blue sea overlooking the mountain covered with lush forests, the enchanting bays and its beaches combining the forest and the mountains will embrace you.

There are 3 great natural wonders and other small coves apart from these. But if you prefer to go by minibus, it can only drop you off at any of the 3 enormous bays.

Minibuses depart from the city centre at regular intervals. Apart from the car, you can also come by boat tour. You can also choose to take a bike tour or mountain walk. In order to enter this natural wonder national park, visitors pay a fee at the entrance.

Entrance fees to the national park announced for 2021:


If you come here by minibus, bicycle, or minibus, use the long wooden stairs descending from the mountain to the sea to get down to the beaches. Overnight stay, camping, etc… it’s forbidden.

It is open between 08.30 and 19.00, but the hours may vary. In addition, barbecues and fires are strictly prohibited. You can be completely alone with mother nature. Especially if you are going in the spring months, you may not even come across many people.

That’s why we can call these covers a “hidden paradise”. Do not look for a cafe or restaurant where you can eat and drink something. I recommend you bring a snack with you. Because stay there is no market around or something similar inside.

You can have your meal on wooden tables among the trees against the sea. It is not possible to stay here overnight, but if you do not want to return to the city, there are some camping areas close to the park or some accommodation areas connected to the Güzelçamlı neighborhood.


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It is located right at the entrance of the Dilek Peninsula. I recommend you to visit the cave on the way or on the way back.

You do not pay a fee at the entrance. You reach the cave by crossing many small bridges cause it is between the rocks.

However, you have to be careful when crossing bridges. Wooden bridges are quite delicate and slippery. A deep and wide pond will welcome you to the cave.

Diving is for research only. But even breathing the air there and watching the surroundings will make you feel like in an adventure movie!

It’s significant in history. Rumors says that “The goddess of beauty Aphrodite swum there”. It is even confirmed that on one of her journeys, the Virgin Mary bathed in the cave’s water.


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El Heykel

I wanted to include this statue because it has become the symbol of the city. I can think it of as a resting place where tourists from outside take pictures in front of it or where the locals go out to get some air in the evening.

If you are walking with your loved one on the coast of the city, this statue welcomes you. You can buy your ice cream from the ice cream shops nearby and sit on the benches near the statue and watch the sunset against the sea from here.

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