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The future of UAV GP-1 VTOL Drone (Gokpusu)

The GP-1 is an unmanned aircraft vehicle, 6 university students from Pamukkale University make it.In order to take part in one of the biggest event technology competitions. Teknofest in this year of 2021 competition was in Bursa Yunuseli Airport. The independent category had 72 teams.


The team build an autonomous drone that at the same time has fixed wings and a rotary-wing with 3 motors. The unmanned aircraft vehicle can manoeuvre a vertical take-off. Before they take off all, the motors are vertical.

After reaching a given altitude both motors in front transit to a horizontal position and the 3rd motor behind automatically switch itself off.At this moment the vehicle executes the drone transit from a rotary-wing to a fixed-wing drone without the need of an airport or a sizeable area for it to land.

With no pilot, the GP-1 can accomplish its mission and come back to the base with no incident. The GP-1  has a mission of “Search and Rescue”.It has the advantage to take off quickly and while in the sky to fly at high speed like every fixed-wing aircraft.



The load-bearing of the framework of the GP -1 is made by using carbon fibre and the wings, flap, the plane tail, rudders … etc are made by using Stratfor caoutchouc and also other materials to make it hard.

The design, the software, simulation and all the necessities of the aircraft are all made are by the team.

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