The fourth  of the series of Turkish proverbs and idioms that are frequently used in daily life in Turkish

The fourth of the series of Turkish proverbs and idioms that are frequently used in daily life in Turkish. To see the context in which idioms are used and how idioms are used in sentences, you can watch the dramas in the video we prepared for you.


Lexical meaning: Eye biting

Idioms meaning: Almost as if remembering a person…; when I meet, see someone I don’t know but if I feel I have seen this person before and I cannot remember who is it.

I am unsure where did I see, that means “Gözüm onu bir yerden ısırıyor ama çıkaramadım” (I know him/her from somewhere but I can’t quite place him/her).

But this feeling maybe just a guess because of an analogy to someone else or maybe I’m experiencing “déjà vu”.


Lexical meaning: To be lost from the eye

Idioms meaning:

  1. To walk away slowly and disappear from the environment.
  2. To disappear and be invisible, to vanish from sight suddenly. Not knowing where is it.
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Lexical meaning: To lick own palm

Idioms meaning:

1. It is used for events that have not happened yet and will be experienced in the future. But the suffix used at the end of the statement is “simple present tense suffix” (Geniş zaman) The suffix: -r.

When used in this way, the person in front of you usually makes fun of you, belittles you and tells you this word. For example, if your friend says these words for you, it means that your friend thinks you will not get what you want, that you will not find what you hoped for.

2. The second place is used for events that happened in the past tense WİTH past tense suffix. For example; you couldn’t get something you wanted, you couldn’t find what you hoped for, you were disappointed. Then it can be used too.

DON’T FORGET THAT! You should pay attention to the places you use it because it is slang.


Lexical meaning: To be full (someone’s) eyes (with tears)

Idioms meaning: The situation of almost crying from the sadness or the situation of eyes full of tears because of happiness.

Also, tears in the 2nd state (tears because of happiness) are called “mutluluk gözyaşları”.


Lexical meaning: Decision of eye

Idioms meaning: It means to measure the ingredients you will put in the food when you cook or the amount you need to measure elsewhere, not with measuring devices such as meters or scales, but with eyes.

To look with eyes and make an approximate measurement.

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