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What happened to the interstellar project (Voyagers)?



Two unmanned spacecraft, named Voyager 2 in August 1977, and Voyager 1, 15 days later, in September 1977, were launched into space 44 years ago by NASA. The initial purposes of these two spacecraft were the exploration of Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter.

It was collecting information about these planets and taking pictures and sending them to the world. The scientists at that time believed that this work would fail, but the Voyagers both successfully completed their mission. To sent unique information about the planets, and took a step on the endless journey of the discovery of the universe after completing their mission. How Does?


The idea arose: “Let’s at least put a message in them, as these are predicted to leave the solar system shortly.” Spacecraft that completed their first mission are still in outer space. Voyagers have photographs of human culture, information and audio recordings of world languages.

Good morning message with a voice was recorded and sent. In other words, if the vehicle encounters intelligent beings outside the world on its endless journey, it will provide information about humanity.

Of course, we do not know whether the realization of this situation will have a positive or destructive impact on our world and humanity.

We hope that we will receive new news that will contribute positively to the development of humanity in a short time.

Voyager 1

Voyager 1, which is the vehicle that is the furthest distance from the world. Produced by human beings also has the title of the vehicle that has stayed in space for the longest time.

Currently, both vehicles are still continuing their journey in the space we call interstellar by crossing the solar system. It is moving away from the earth at a speed of approximately 17 km per second.

How do they work for 44 years?

It brings us to ask how a vehicle cannot be sent at a speed that can pass these vehicles while today’s technology is so advanced. In fact, besides the technological knowledge of that time, luck was on their side. An event that occurred once in 175 years would also occur in the late 1970s.

Realizing this, scientists wanted to use this event to their advantage. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have an advantageous position. The positions of the planets would also speed up the Voyagers travelling around them. Thus, they would cover an endless road in a short time.

On NASA’s official site, you can see the position of the Voyagers, their speed and distance on the 3d map. It turned its cameras off to save energy usage.

Voyager 1 is unfortunately scheduled to be shut down in 2025, as it is no longer receiving any signals. So it will be the first space junk we leave in the interstellar region.

But as long as the vehicle does not disintegrate. In the vacuum of space, messages about human beings will continue to exist on the gold plate on it.


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