Teknofest Electric Car (The futur of electric car )

This has led to a growing demand for electric vehicles in the market. Countries around the world have set up targets for emission reductions according to their own capacity. Electric cars are being produced everywhere nowadays. The electric vehicle is becoming highly competitive.

Oret Team

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 Oret Team, they produce a Robo-taxis vehicle under autonomous systems in 2020-2021. All the systems of the vehicle are designed, and the team makes the products in their own workshop. They designed the shell of the vehicle based on efficiency and they made its production of carbon fibre.

They used composite material, carbon fibre is stronger, resistant and 4 times lighter than steel. Designed the chassis and all the systems of their vehicle to be integrated into autonomous systems.

The steering and brake control is electric and can be controlled manually by a keyboard or remote control and software. They made all algorithms written for the autonomous control of the vehicle.

The vehicle is electric and batteries provide the general main power source. The total weight of the vehicle is approximately 150 kg.


They found Eva autonomous team in 2019 as a project of Eva Team. The team comprises 20 people, including electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and software engineering students. They produced the newly designed vehicle in 2021.

The team designed and produced many components of the vehicle themselves originally. If we want to talk about the components:

The body design of the vehicle

  • chassis
  • Electronic cards
  • Engine

Vehicle control system

  • The simulation environment where the vehicle will be tested
  • Autonomous driving algorithms
  • Sensor fusion algorithms
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Dataset used in image processing
  • A vehicle with a uniquely designed mobile application
  • Able to control
  • The team originally produced many components such as 70
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Regal Raptor brand E Car-K5  vehicle.The features and technical drawings of the vehicle:


  • Height:1620mm
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Width:1300mm
  • Wheel diameter:290mm
  • Wheel width: 100mm
  • Motor drive: 2500KW

It comprises 4 air wheels and 2 doors. The height of the vehicle from the ground is 150 mm.


Robo-taxis of the vehicle

The Drive-by-wire system integrates into the vehicle and makes it original. Also, the Drive-by-wire system; remote communication systems and security systems supported it.

With the lidar-camera calibration, the position of the objects detected in the 2D environment in the 3D environment and the position of the road lines detected in the 2D environment in the 3D environment determine.

In order to realize autonomous driving, the data coming from the camera and LIDAR sensors will be in process instantaneously. Image data from the camera and object detection must finish scanning so that the vehicle can detect the environment.

They have carried training out on the architects of YOLOv3 and YOLOv4 in order to make multiple classifications of traffic signs and traffic lights.

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