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How to Download Video from Microsoft Stream ?

If you ever ask yourself how can you download a video from a Microsoft stream, there is not a download button if you are not the one who uploaded the video
unless the uploader activates that option if it does exist which you can download.
But let us assume that there is no such option in the Microsoft video stream.

Here is how you can do it follow the step carefully :

1. Download
Destreamer 64 bit
Destreamer 32 bit 

if you don’t know the type of system being used by your you can learn it from here

2. Unzip the file with WinRAR or 7zip

3.Open the file and you will see Destreamer right click and go  down  click  the properties button and copy the file address.

example:C:\Users\XXX(laptop name)\Downloads\DESTREAMER 64-BIT

destreamer 0
Destreamer Download
Ekran Goruntusu 260

4. Open cmd (search bar)open it DO NOT open it as administrator cause there is a chance to run into an error in the following step.

5. Type: cd (paste the file address). And click enter.

Type: Destreamer -i ” paste the video address link” and click enter

destreamer 1
destreamer cmd download

It will redirect to a page that you will enter your email and password (Microsoft)
Sign in with your Microsoft Stream Account using the Chromium Browser that appears throughout the sign-in process.

destreamer download.jpg

And the download will start to find the video go to the Destreamer unzip file there will be a file named video.

destreamer video.jpg

15 thoughts on “How to Download Video from Microsoft Stream ?”

  1. Doesn’t work if the file is not in your account I guess. If the file was in my account, I wouldn’t need to rip anyway. The URL was correct, but it can’t decode it according to below:

    “Using ffmpeg version git-2020-05-01-39fb1e9 Copyright (c) 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers

    Invalid URL at line 1, skip..

    No valid URL from input”

      1. Using ffmpeg version git-2020-05-01-39fb1e9 Copyright (c) 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers

        myself too facing the same problem
        whats the solution

  2. Does not work. I also get the “No Valid URL from Input” error message even though I am passing it a 100% valid and existing URL (eg, paste the url back into the browser and it works to display the video).
    I followed the same steps from the video as well.

  3. Is there any way we can use the default edge browser as some organization require the browser to be logged in with the MS account

    1. no it automatically redirect you to the Chromium Browser:
      1. you can copy the link from the chromium browser and past to egde browser to try to connect if it works
      2. if you do not remember your password go to your edge browser setting and search for password

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