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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera

The two of the best premium flagships that you can get are the best of Apple the best of Samsung and usually the top two selling phones that you can currently get and some of the most expensive phones right now.


The situation is the same with the primary cameras in good light
the situation is the same you really can’t go wrong with either lot of detail and very sharp but if you do look closely the S22 ultra is a tad more vibrant especially.


The macro literally just bring your phone close to something you have an almost microscopic view of the object. The S22’s macros look a little crispier and the extra processing that Samsung does to shots it gives them quite a nice colour pop but the iPhone can get even closer which is also a big win in this category
macro photography is a draw.


Similar to last year’s Samsung with its almost identical setup of two telephoto cameras one capable of three-time zoom the other capable of ten-time, the ability to capture from multiple cameras at the same time and an AI to drastically clean up images after they’ve been taken.


The S22 ultra most flagships use the optical image it camera counteract the movement to have a good stabilization. Samsung can stabilize better.


The S22 ultra is the most complete video experience that has ever graced a Samsung device in terms of dynamic range its ability to prevent the bright areas the focusing is spot 99% but it’s still not better than the iPhone.The iPhone’s footage just looks clearer. The difference is between these two cameras is balanced but still, the iPhone has an incredible camera system.


Samsung really innovated slo-mo both of the phones can record at eight times slo-mo, they look pretty similar quality but Samsung can just go slower with bursts of 32 times slow-motion footage.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Like the S21 series, we do have the 108 megapixel that’s the standard wide also got the ultra-wide and two telephotos and on the Samsung device this still has 100 times space zoom.

the stabilization is slightly better they even have portrait video which matches the cinematic mode which exist in the iPhone with 8k video something that the iPhone can’t do.

There is a total of 5 lenses

  • 108 MP Wide (f1.2)
  • 12 MP Ultra-Wide (f2.2)
  • 10 MP Telephoto (3x Optical Zoom)
  • 10 MP Telephoto (10x Optical Zoom) depth sensor
  • 40 MP Camera front (f2.2)
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S22 Ultra

iPhone 13 Pro Max

In the iPhone, there is a trifecta cameras setup with 12-megapixel wide ultra wide as well as telephoto.

The iPhone 13 Pro features four cameras: one front-facing camera and three back-facing cameras, including a telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide camera.
The new Telephoto camera features a 77 mm focal length and 3x optical zoom.

6x optical zoom range across the system

  • 12 MP Wide (f/1.5)
  • 12 MP Ultra-Wide (f/1.8)
  • 12 MP Telephoto (3x Optical Zoom)
  •  TOF 3D LiDAR scanner (depth)
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iPhone Por Max

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