The Motorola RAZR

The Motorola RAZR

The Motorola RAZR+ flip phone is highlighted for its convenience and capability without needing to be opened. The large cover screen allows for notifications, widgets, texting, and even gaming. The reviewer also mentions the potential for using the phone as a makeshift laptop.

Display and Features

The Motorola RAZR

 The design and build quality are praised, although there are some issues with the shininess and hinge. Improvements in Bluetooth connectivity, wireless charging, haptics, and call quality. The camera performance is considered mediocre, with muted colors, choppy video recording, and limited features. However, the battery life is satisfactory, and the cover screen can help conserve the battery.

The Motorola RAZR+ flip phone and how much can be accomplished without even opening it. The phone features a large 3.6-inch OLED cover screen that allows for notifications, widgets, and various apps to be accessed without unfolding the device. The covers screen is for checking schedules, sending texts, blocking spam emails, making phone calls, and even playing games. It has the possibility of using the phone as a makeshift laptop with the help of a miracast TV or a gadget like the Next Dock. 

 The design and build quality of the Motorola RAZR+. They mention that the phone feels well-built and is available in attractive color options. However, they note that the phone is too shiny and prone to smudging, and the screens appear dimmer.

The microphone array prevents their own voice from being muddled and the video calls are enjoyable with the possible hinge and selfie shooter. However, two complaints in this area – the screen tends to turn on during calls, and closing the phone hangs up the call when it’s on hold. The RAZR+ performs better by preserving contrast and drama in low-light scenes.


The Motorola RAZR

The camera performance and battery life of the Motorola RAZR+. The camera quality is found to be mediocre, with choppy 4K video recording and muted colors. The inability to switch between cameras while recording and not being able to use the cover display for time-lapse is also mentioned. However, for those who edit their photos before posting, the pose-ability and the cover screen may be sufficient. On the bright side, the battery life is surprisingly fine, and the cover screen can help extend battery life when needed.

 The device also offers reliable gestures, a clean interface, and a great previewing experience. Though some missing features like an always-on display and animated wallpapers are mentioned, they don’t make the phone feel incomplete. Overall, the Motorola RAZR+ is considered a return to foldable form for the company and is worth considering, especially due to its compact size and carrier deals.

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