yusra mardini

Who is Yusra Mardini?

Yusra Mardini is a Syrian refugee and Olympic swimmer. Yusra Mardini did not win any Olympic medals. She gained international attention after competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics as a member of the Refugee Olympic Team.


Mardini had fled Syria and made a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece, where she began training as a swimmer. Mardini fled Syria with her sister and swam for three hours in the Mediterranean Sea to reach safety in Greece.

 Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Mardini was able to qualify for the Olympics and represent refugees around the world. She did not win a medal, but her participation in the Olympics was seen as a victory in itself and a symbol of hope and determination. She has since become a vocal advocate for refugee rights and has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts by various organizations and individuals.


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