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The Most important VS Code shortcut

Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from the keyboard. The most important VS Code shortcut you need to know to make your coding journey easy with VS Code


Toggle word wrap (Quick View)

Although “Toggle Word Wrap” is phrased in a descriptive manner, a quick glance may lead one to believe otherwise. It basically collects any text that extends off the edge of the screen and formats it nicely inside the window! If you need a quick view of the entire line without scrolling, just enable word wrap by clicking alt+z.


Quick file navigation

You can open any file by its name when you type Ctrl+P. When you are analyzing a project, using the Explorer to switch between files is highly recommended. However, while you work on a task, you will notice that you frequently switch between the same group of files. VS Code has two effective commands with simple key bindings for navigating within and between files. Ctrl+P (Quick Open)


Switch Workspace

With multi-root workspaces, you can work with numerous project folders in Visual Studio Code. When you are managing numerous connected projects at once, this can be useful. The smartest way to switch between workspaces is to use the command Ctrl+R


Terminal Basics

A fully functional integrated terminal is provided by Visual Studio Code and simply launches at the top of your workspace. In order to support features like links and error detection, it offers integration with the editor.

To open the terminal:

  • Use the Ctrl+` keyboard shortcut to toggle the terminal panel.
  • Use the Ctrl+Shift+` keyboard shortcut to create a new terminal.
  • Use the View > Terminal or Terminal > New Terminal menu commands.
  • From the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), use the View: Toggle Terminal command.



Ctrl+T: Shows all Symbols
Ctrl+G:   Go to Line…
Ctrl+P: Go to File…
Ctrl+Shift+O: Navigate to the Symbol…
Ctrl+Shift+M: Show Problems panel
F8:  Go to the next error or warning
Shift+F8: Go to the previous error or warning
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Navigate editor group history
Alt+ ← / → ; Go back / forward

To learn more about VS Code shortcuts, here is a PDF that can help you. The visual studio code


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