Apple app of the year 2022

Apple App of the year (2022)

Apple App of the year is awarded to the app which has been downloaded more than a million times. The list of the top-down loaded apps as well as the winners of Apple’s App Store Awards for 2022 have been revealed. The winner of the iPhone App of the Year award was the social media app BeReal. BeReal encourages users to be and seem like themselves without any filters, as the name would imply.

BeReal App of 2022

The winners of this year’s awards, according to a statement from Apple, “represent a diverse community of developers from around the world whose apps and games were selected by Apple’s worldwide App Store editorial team for creating extraordinary experiences and making a profound cultural impact.” BeReal wasn’t the only winner, though. Here are the iPhone apps that were most popular this year.


The free-to-play battle royale shooter game Apex Legends was named the iPhone Game of the Year 2022. Moncage, an optical illusion game, won the iPad Game of the Year award. The inscription, which has been dubbed the most horrifying game available, won Mac Game of the Year. Wylde Flowers, a charming farming game with a witchy twist, won the Apple Arcade Game of the Year award. A more humble game set in a cute farming environment.

Cultural Impact winners for apps

Another prize was awarded to five apps for their cultural impact. According to Apple, the award was given to apps “that have had a significant and long-lasting influence on people’s lives and society.” The business stated that it chose apps this year that “enable users to engage more profoundly with their emotions, honestly connect with people, and pay homage to their past and the generations that came before them while imagining how to create a better world today.”

How We Feel, which enables users to self-report health problems, was one of the winners.

The awards also recognized Locket Widget, a platform that lets you display live photographs from persons close to you on your home screen, as well as Dot’s Home, a game that follows a young Black woman in Detroit as she explores her family’s racial heritage.

Apple App of the year (2022)


  • BeReal ( Social media )
  • Apex Legends Mobile (iPhone game of the year)
  • Moncage (iPad Game of the year)
  • Inua-A Story in ice and time (Cultural impact winner )
  • Wylde Flowers (Arcade game of the year)

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