Argentina is debating featuring Messi on their currency (Fake)

After Argentina’s national team won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Banco Central de la Repblica Argentina (BCRA), or Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, has already issued or is about to release banknotes with the image of Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi.

Factual statement: The claims have been refuted by the Central Bank of Argentina’s press office. Additionally, the assertion came from a report in the Mexican daily publication El Financiero, which said that it was based on a joke that was supposedly told during a meeting.


Messi was instrumental in his country’s first World Cup victory since 1986. Apparently, banking officials are now amenable to the idea of a celebratory commemorative note. A new 1,000 peso currency featuring Messi’s image has been discussed since the talismanic striker led Argentina to their first World Cup victory in 1986 in Mexico.


Lionel Messi on its money

The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina has reportedly been brainstorming ideas to commemorate the historic victory of the national team in Qatar ever since the thrilling 4-2 shootout victory over France in the championship game, according to the publication El Financiero.

Argentina is debating featuring Messi on their currency (Fake)


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