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How to Download All your facebook information ?

Users on Facebook have been asking this question for a while now. Although the corporation has not clearly responded to this inquiry, it appears that Facebook is saving data that goes beyond user-profiles and likes. The social media behemoth appears to be retaining all of your personal data to enhance its ad-targeting technology. According to Facebook, it saves your information so you can “receive better ads.” What does “better” mean, though?

 Facebook is a social networking website, the site has over 1 billion active users worldwide. It was launched as “Thefacebook” and later changed to its name after Facebook Inc acquired it in 2012 and is currently known as Meta.

Facebook works like any other social network; you can create an account, upload photos, and videos, share them with your friends, add comments, etc. You can also follow people or pages that interest you on the site and see what they are doing (and vice versa). You can also post status updates which are short messages that appear on your profile.

Download All your Facebook information

It is a duplicate of your Facebook data that you might have stored on your computer, smartphone, or other electronic devices. This contains all of the blog entries, images, and videos that you have published for your loved ones. Any messages sent to other people through Messenger, WhatsApp, or other applications are also included.

Anytime you want, you can download a copy of your Facebook data. You have the option of downloading the entire document or just the data types and time periods that interest you. You have the option of receiving your data in either an easy-to-view HTML format or a JSON format that might make it easier for another service to input.

Only you will be able to access the password-protected process for downloading your data. For a few days after it has been generated, your copy will be accessible for download.

Step 1 :

  • Go to “” and make sure you are connected to your Facebook account.
Step 2 : 
  • Choose the format of the file you want to download
  • The quality of media (Photo and Videos uploaded)
  • Choose the date range
facebook data

Step 3:

  • Select information to download

You have the option of downloading all information or just certain types.

Example: Messages, posts, pages and profiles, reels, stories, etc…

Step 4 : 
  • Click the request download button
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