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Is epilation done during your period?

Short answer: There is no medically proven data that there is any harm in this regard.

So why do many clinics/beauty centres choose to send you home and delay your appointment when you have your period, without having your epilation process done?

Long answer: If there is no medical problem for the health of the woman during her period, why do many experts recommend that you do not epilate during this period?

It does not pose any medical problem, but the hair removal, waxing, etc…, which you will do during this period and just a few days before, is considered a wasted procedure.

 Since this situation will create patient dissatisfaction, it can create problems for both the patient and the specialist.

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So why is it considered a wasted transaction?

During and just before menstruation, women experience psychological and physical changes in their bodies due to hormonal reasons. Some of these are increased hair growth, strengthening of hair follicles and lowering the pain threshold.

Therefore, the effect of hair removal during this period will be less. Normally, if you see hair growth 2-3 weeks after your epilation session, you may see hair again 2-3 days after epilation during your menstrual period. 

If you go to a centre and have your hair removed with an epilator, the idea of increasing the level of the device may come to your mind as a solution.

But experts have already determined a degree that is suitable for your skin and hair condition. In addition, many beauticians do not recommend any kind of hair removal during menstruation, let alone raising the degree. 

Apart from the increase in hair, another reason is that the pain threshold is lower during this period.Since the pain threshold will be lower, the procedure will be more painful than normal.

Lowering the degree to reduce pain is not a solution either, because as we explained, your hair will grow stronger and faster than normal.

So you see you will have a less effective and more painful procedure. In other words, you will be wasting money and suffering. Although some centres argue that operations can be performed except for the bikini area, many beauticians do not have epilation during their menstrual period in terms of both professional ethics and the prestige of their brands.

As a result, the most logical thing should be to have hair removal 2-3 days after the end of your period, unless there is an emergency.


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