The causes and solutions of hair whitening

We are clarifying the greying of hair, which is seen as an aesthetic problem that many of us are afraid to face in our younger age, or that we have already started to fight.

 We have compiled the most curious questions on the subject and shared the answers for you based on the publications of experts and researchers.

What are the causes of hair whitening? , Why does hair turn white at an early age? , Can my hair return to its former colour? 

Can hair greying be stopped?, What types of vitamins and foods are effective? , How do I get rid of white hair? 

The solution to hair whitening? What should I do to prevent or slow down hair greying at an early age? 

If I pluck a strand of white hair, will my whites increase?

 If you have questions like these, let’s get started.

Is hair greying genetic?

The natural colour of our hair is white. Hair normally does not contain any pigment, but after birth, the cells called pigment, which gives the hair its colour, settle in the hair follicles and colour our hair. 

As age progresses, the pigments decrease under the influence of genetic factors and the hair returns to its natural white colour. In others, the pigments stay in place. 

In people whose pigment cells decrease over time, the hair colour is grey or white according to the majority of the remaining pigments. If there is a person in your family who has greyed hair or turns grey early, of course, you are more likely to be affected by this situation.

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Why does hair turn grey? What causes greying of hair at a young age?

As we mentioned above, hair turns white as a result of the decrease or loss of pigments in the hair due to genetic reasons.

Genetic factors definitely have a big impact on premature greying. Except this, of course, many environmental factors are also effective in hair whitening:

  • Deficiency of some vitamins, especially B12
  • The inability of the thyroid hormone to function properly
  • Consuming fast food instead of healthy food
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Using chemical hair products
  • Exposure of hair and scalp to too much heat

Does the whitened hair turn black? What and how does it stop the greying of hair? I have white hair, what should I do?

If your hair has started to turn white, it means that your hair pigments have decreased. According to studies conducted in various countries, they emphasize that if you find the missing vitamins in your body, when you replace those vitamins, your hair can become old again. 

Research on the effects of vitamin deficiencies on hair greying is still ongoing. There are some studies that especially biotin (vitamin B7) stops hair greying. Of course, you should consult a doctor about the detection of vitamin deficiency, how much and how to take it into your body.

If the cause of greying is stress, it has been observed that reducing stress is also effective in returning the hair from grey to its original state.

Experts have observed that the hair that has just started to turn white recovers faster than those who have been fighting whites for a long time. They emphasize that it may not be possible to return to the old colour in the elderly.

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair greying?

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Biotin (B7)
  • B12
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Which vitamins and which foods should be eaten against hair whitening at an early age?

  • For iron deficiency: black cumin, raisins, molasses, red meat.
  • For zinc deficiency: spinach, dry beans, peas, chickpeas, black cumin.
  • For copper deficiency: garlic; avocado; mushrooms; nuts such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, dark chocolate.
  • For biotin deficiency: green leafy vegetables, black cumin.
  • For B12 deficiency: eggs, chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, lentils.

How to prevent greying of hair at an early age? What can be done to slow down hair greying?

 Unfortunately, this is an unstoppable situation when genetic factors are involved, but hair greying due to external reasons can be slowed down or even stopped. Specialists draw attention to these substances in particular:

  • If the vitamins that are vital for hair are missing in your body, you should replace them.
  • Remember that some sun rays can damage your hair and be careful not to expose your hair to sunlight for a long time. Try not to go out at noon when the sunlight is at right angles, or you should wear a hat if you go out during a sunny time.
  • You should minimize the application of heat to your hair with tools such as a blow dryer, hair straightener, etc.
  • You should definitely reduce stress.
  • Continuously dyeing hair and products that affect the hair follicle that remains in the hair for a long time reduce or destroy the melanin level in the hair, causing it to turn white.
  • Keep your hair clean. Do not leave the conditioners, sprays, hair gels that you use during the day on your hair for a long time so that they do not harm the nature of the hair.

If I pluck the white hair, will my white hairs increase?

Good news! Totally legendary… Each hair strand is born from its own follicle. The white hair you plucked is also white only as a characteristic of that root.

 Of course, if your hair has started to turn white, then there will most likely be new white strands in different places. In addition, if you pluck your white hair, you will break the hair follicle and prevent hair from coming out completely.

 It’s best to make peace with your grey hair and love yourself that way too. By the way, another good news! At least you can slow down your hair whitening. The correct and adequate use of the vitamins and nutrients mentioned above can be of great help to you.

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