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What is hair mesotherapy ?

Hair Mesotherapy

Since 1952, it has been offered as a treatment for hair problems as well as many skin conditions. It is a type of treatment that focuses directly on the problem area.

It is performed by injecting a cocktail created from the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) needed by the hair under the skin for various reasons, from the skin to the problem area. This cocktail is not readily available.

The reasons for the hair loss of the patient are investigated. After this process, a special mixture is prepared for the patient in line with his/her own needs and the treatment process is started in sessions.

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In Which Situations Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy treatment can be applied in any case of hair loss, baldness, worn, weak and slow-growing hair problems.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy for Hair?

Since the nutrients injected into the capillaries under the skin where the hair follicles are located, reach the target area directly, they provide maximum benefit. 

As the hair gets the nutrients it needs to get stronger, they turn into stronger and healthier roots. It stimulates and revitalizes the dormant roots under the skin, and has a great effect on the thickening of the hair.

It is known as the definitive solution especially preferred by people who want to have stronger and lusher and healthier looking hair.


Does Hair Mesotherapy Stop Hair Loss?

Many of you know that hair loss is not a basic ailment, but a side effect of another ailment in the body. There may be one or more reasons for hair loss in the patient

There are so many basic reasons for hair loss that it can only be understood with a detailed test. Before starting mesotherapy treatment, the causes of hair loss are diagnostic with tests.

As you can see, it is not a ready-made product, but because it is a mixture prepared by the patient’s own problem, it first eliminates the problem, then it also destroys or seriously slows down the hair loss, which is already a side effect of the problem.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Grow Hair?

Thanks to the solution injected into the scalp, it activates the cells in the hair follicle and supports and stimulates blood circulation. In this way, hair growing faster than normal is an expected and targeted result as a result of the treatment.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Grow New Hair?

In addition to rejuvenating the hair follicles, hair removal in previously bald areas is also one of the goals of the treatment, as it will activate the small hairs in the form of hair. Studies have also proven its effect on increasing the amount of hair.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Harmful?

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What are the Harms of Hair Mesotherapy?

This treatment method, which is not a surgical procedure, has no harm and has very few side effects. In this respect, it provides a great advantage.

For example, you can return to your daily life immediately after your session on the day of your mesotherapy date. It is not a process that requires rest.

However, the application area and techniques should provide reliable conditions. Care should be taken that the treatment is carried out by a specialist physician. In addition, it should be ensured that you do not have an allergy to the drugs to be used in the treatment.

Is Hair Mesotherapy a Painful Procedure?

Since the diameter is very small and short needles are used, there is not much pain. Considering that the treatment takes 20-30 minutes on average, the scalp is injected with needles during this period.

Therefore, a small momentary pain, such as a painful sting, may be felt. That’s why clinics can use anaesthesia for sensitive people with a low pain threshold. Patients who will go to the clinic for treatment may also ask whether the specialist doctor uses anaesthetic cream.

Since the cream will be applied to the scalp, it may be difficult to penetrate and may take time. You may also be asked if there is an anaesthetic spray instead of the cream.


How Many Sessions Does Hair Mesotherapy Take? When is the result obtained?

It is not possible to give an exact number of sessions without an examination. The effect can be seen even at the end of a single session, but it can be 4 or 10 in total.

Because the number of sessions to be applied will vary from person to person. During the examination, the physician himself will decide in line with the patient’s needs.

Apart from that, even if your sessions are over, your doctor may recommend sessions at certain times a year for protection purposes in order to prevent shedding again.

 How Many Days Is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

How often is the application done? How many times a year can it be done?

This number also varies. Commonly, the first sessions are held at more frequent intervals (eg 7-10 days), while the last sessions are held at wider intervals (eg 15-30 days).

For croma mesotherapy treatment after the end of the treatment, it can be recommended once every 3-4 months on average, around 4 sessions in total (seasonal transitions). This will be decided by the specialist physician in the healthiest way.

Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?

Those who have regional hair loss problems, those who notice that their hair has lost volume over the years, unnourished enough and become lifeless and look unhealthy, hair loss in the gaps, those who have or will have hair transplantation (to protect their existing hair), those who want their hair to regain its former health. They can get support by consulting a doctor.

 Where is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

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Can I Do Hair Mesotherapy Myself at Home?

Apart from clinics, hair mesotherapy applications can also be found in beauty centres and hairdressers. Experts definitely point out that it should be done in a clinical setting. Otherwise, undesirable results and wasted effort may result in disappointment. 


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