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Best website builders tools

If you want to start a blog or a website for your business to create a portfolio of yours, or even an E-commerce website . I have made a list of the best website builders tools that I am very familiar starting from webpage design tools to Domain name and Hosting tools.

1.Elementor & Elementor pro

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With Elementor Pro, you can take your designs to the next level.

Elementor pro versus Free

I will recommend Elementor free if you are planning for something really simple like a personnel portfolio even this does sometimes require a pro version but if you are thinking of something simple with a few pages the free version is good.

You don’t have to update to the pro. But if you are thinking of growing your website by sharing blog posts, podcast episodes, youtube videos and things like that you will need to upgrade to the pro version. Also with plugins, you can do things that are not possible with the free version but the more plugin installed the slower the website will be.

A quick list of all the things that you probably want to do that you won’t be able to do if you just have the Elementor free one of the biggest drawbacks with the free Elementor is that you cannot do forms there’s no form widget which means that you can’t create an opt-in form or a landing page with an opt-in section.

Leads in your business $49 per year is a really small investment for that level of functionality Elementor does integrate with all of the major email service providers too so you should never have an issue collecting leads no matter which email service provider you use and along the same lines of collecting leads.

There will not be  no pop-up forms with the Elementor free so if you’re ever running a promotion or you just want to have a pop-up on your page for email opt-ins you won’t be able to do any of that with the Elementor free you also will not have the countdown widget which is another conversion tool that you might want to use on a landing the page or an opt-in page and you also won’t have the navigation menu widget which seems like a small thing but this does mean that you will have to build.

2. Zyro


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Consumers can benefit from website development, eCommerce, and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Zyro website builder is a new website builder compared to the other which make it the most affordable in the market at this moment.Zyro has integration with platforms like Instagram and Facebook so you can sell products there.

A dashboard where you can manage basically everything from inventory to orders to tracking to customer service, the UI is great and up to date and has a lot of features like coupon code, automated email, customizable discounts…

Zyro is very the cheapest website builder right now in the market. Here is the discount code ZYROSALE you will get up to 71% discount on Zyro premium plans

  1.  Super Fast loading time
  2.  E-commerce plans
  3.  Flexible dashboard

3.Domaine name & Hosting

If you don’t have a Domaine name and a host for your website yet, you can purchase by clicking the one want. I personally use Hostinger for the hosting they offer good plans and for the Domain name Namecheap is very cheap and I am happy with it and then name and finally Hostinger but if you want to have the host+domaine in the same website Hostinger is better.


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 I utilized hostinger’s web hosting for a year in 2020, and they were one of the best web hosting businesses!

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Namecheap is a budget hosting provider with 11 million registered users and 10 million domains. 

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4.2/5, here to give you all the tools you need to kickstart your next web project.


Like in a elementor you can have the same features but with the pro version both are almost the same and have a reasonable price but it depends on what you want to do you can try them, they both have a 30-day money guarantee-back and decide which is good for you and let us know in the comment section why .





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