Things you did not know about bluetooth

Things you did not know about bluetooth

Invented by Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil in 1941  Hedy knew that “guided” torpedos were much more effective at hitting a target. The problem was that radio-controlled torpedos could easily be jammed by the enemy. One afternoon she realized “we’re talking and changing frequencies” all the time. At that moment, the concept of frequency hopping was born.

1. Why does Bluetooth exist?

The trouble occurs when we begin attaching peripherals to a computer or when we connect other electronic devices with numerous wires that are challenging to manage. Then we begin to consider how simple it would be if all of these connections were made without the use of physical wires, such as through the use of infrared, radio, or microwave technology. 

To facilitate wireless communication between devices, the computer science and telecom industries had to provide an open, affordable interface. This is where the technology that goes by the term “Bluetooth” originated.

2. The name “Bluetooth”

The name comes from a king, Harald I Bluetooth:

Harald I Bluetooth (Danish Harald Blåtand) was the King of Denmark between 940 and 985 AD. The name “Blåtand” was probably taken from two old Danish words,
‘blå’ means darkly skinned and ‘tan’ means great man.

3. The symbol of Bluetooth

3. The symbol of Bluetooth

The Bluetooth emblem is as well-known as the name. Like the Bluetooth emblem, this sign is widely recognized, although only a small percentage of people are aware of its origin. The Nordic runes Berkana and Hagalaz are both represented in the Bluetooth logo as the letters ‘H’ and ‘B’, respectively. This is, HB like the king Harald Bltand


To replace wired connections between electronic devices like cellular phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), laptops, and many other devices, Bluetooth is a standard used in short-range radio connectivity. You may utilize Bluetooth technology in your car, at work, and at home, among other places. Users of this technology may instantly link speech and information between various devices in real time. Information is sent securely and is protected from interference thanks to the transmission method utilized.

  Advantages of Bluetooth

  • Low power consumption
  • Low price on Bluetooth components
  •  Non-line-of-sight

 Disadvantages of Bluetooth

  •  Wireless LANs offer faster data rates and larger communication ranges
  • Possibility of interference on 2.4GHz frequency band

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