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Kütahya Castle

Stunning location with a wonderful panorama of the entire city. An old fortification qualifies as such a historic location. With a bird’s eye perspective over the surroundings, this location would have been ideal for a walled castle in the past. Going there was not a loss.

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 Additionally, there is a coffee, a spot to drink tea (kahve çay), and a place to worship. The parking area is big and has a nice view both day and night. The wonderful view of Kutahya can be seen from the hilltop, and it would have been a nice experience to spend some time in the rotating restaurant.

The surrounding area of Kütahya Castle is around 3,500 m2. It contains seventy bastions. The castle is formed of three parts. The inner fortress was constructed after the upper and lower castles. One enters the inner fortress by passing between two doors. There are two doors on the east of the upper castle (also referred to as the main castle).

The inner castle is inside and on the west section of the upper castle. While this area is currently in ruins, is consisted of a surrounding area of 800 m2 and contained a mosque, two storerooms, cisterns and military barracks. Evliya Çelebi wrote that the castle was used as a jail. it is understood that it was done in 1377-1378 under the order of the Geremiytanoğulları Sultan, Süleyman Shah.

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What is kutahya known for?

The glazed and multicolored tiles and pottery produced in Kütahya are well-known worldwide. Modern enterprises include those that process nitrate, tan leather, sugar, and other meerschaum products that are extracted nearby. Kütahya was a significant center of cotton production for the empire throughout the Ottoman era.

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