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Zebedee play to earn game (Chess) Bitcoin

Looking to bridge the gap between Web3 and mobile gaming, mobile payment firm Zebedee and mobile game studio Viker announced the launch of two new play-to-earn games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, a digital scratch-card game.


List of games that you can play:

  1. Bitcoin  Chess
  2. Bitcoin Scratch
  3. eRepublik
  4. Braindoku
  5. Color Streak
  6. Wheel of Trivia
  7. Sudoku
  8. Missing Letters
  9. Solitaire
  10. Bitcoin Miner
  11. Lightning Crush
  12. Stattrak
  13. Wheel of Crypto
  14. Amazeballs
  15. Balls king
  16. Zebedee Kart
  17. CS: GO for Bitcoin
  18. Sarutobi


zebedee game list
zebedee game list 2
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Any exchange or other wallet that accepts the Lightning Network transfers bitcoins from the ZBD wallet. Sadly, not all wallets now offer this feature, but more are constantly adding support for the Lightning Network!

Your SATs can also be used to

    • Tip other players
      1. Simply by texting with ZEBEDEE Bots for Discord and Telegram
      2. Send sats (satoshi)to anyone that has a ZEBEDEE wallet
      3. Tip streamers and content creators on Twitter and Twitch
    • Deposit to exchanges that support Bitcoin Lightning, like:
      1. OKCoin
      2. Bitfinex

Zebedee plays to earn game (Chess) Bitcoin


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