The strongest powerbank (Shargeek)

A power bank, also known as a portable charger, is a device that stores electrical energy and can be used to charge other electronic devices on the go. It typically consists of a rechargeable battery and one or more USB ports for connecting and charging devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.

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Power banks are particularly useful when you don’t have access to a power outlet or when you’re traveling, camping, or in any situation where you need to charge your devices without being near a power source. They come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from small, pocket-sized models that can provide one or two charges to larger, high-capacity ones that can charge multiple devices multiple times.

World’s First See-Through Power Bank: The see-through and transparent design reveals STORM 2’s sophisticated internal structure including its equipped battery, and circuit layout, displaying itself from the inside out.

25600mAh & 100W: The Shargeek 25600mAh power bank can quickly charge laptops like the MacBook Pro/Air and other electronic devices. It is outfitted with 8 A gauge high-grade 3200mAh batteries and features PD 100W USB-C connections.

Intelligence IPS Screen: The portable phone charger’s on-display power management technology shows you the entire charging process by clearly, succinctly, and intuitively visualizing the battery life, output distribution, running temperature, and DC voltage adjustment.

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