Kemer Antalya is one of the most famous and touristic districts of Turkey in the international arena. Kemer, which is about 40 km away from Antalya’s coastal districts and Antalya city center, is called “Little Russia” by some. Because it is mostly preferred by Russians.

Since the summers are hot and dry here, if you are planning to be close to the sea during the summer vacation, consider Kemer.

It is a small, quiet, pleasant holiday region whose main livelihood is tourism. It is just one of the most fascinating natural wonders in Turkey, thanks to the green mountains and the bay that meets the clean sea.

It is an attractive holiday region with many different aspects. There are so many reasons to visit Kemer Antalya:

1. Blue flag beach for those who say they want lots of sun and sea air in summer.
2. Only the sea is not enough! The cool and green mountain near the sea for those who say that they need to suffocate in oxygen and take mountain-forest trekking.
3. Chalets for those who want to be romantic at night, let’s be alone, let there be no light and noise, and watch the stars!
4. It also offers cheerful nightclubs to those who want a social environment, sound, light, and fun!
5. Kemer offers historical buildings to those who say that “Of course, I’ll have a holiday but I also want to explore history as well.”

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Phaselis Ancient City In Kemer Antalya

Imagine an ancient city by the sea. You can swim in the sea, have a picnic, and explore a port city that lived in the 700s BC. It is 10 minutes away from the center of Kemer. It is possible to go here by taking a bus in Kemer.

But we recommend that you take your museum card with you. It is forbidden to light a fire (for barbecue, etc.) for a picnic here. Of course, there is a market here, but if you want, you can take something from the city to avoid hunger. There are 3 different beaches where you can swim. One of the beaches is sandy.

Tahtalı Dağı / Olympos Mountain In Kemer Antalya

How about the longest cable car in Europe? It takes you on a long and breathtaking journey between two mountains. You can climb the mountain with this 2365-meter-long cable car, enjoy the wonderful weather and scenery there, and spend time in cafes.

On the way back, it is up to you to choose the cable car or the walking path. By the way, you will encounter very different landscapes in summer and winter. We recommend seeing both.

Kemer Antalya Beaches

Kemer Beach, Moon Light Beach, Göynük Beach, Calista Beach, Phaselis Beaches, Çamyuva Beach, Tekirova Beach, Kiriş Beach, Teke Bay, Maden Bay, Olympos Beach, Çıralı Beach, Adrasan Beach, Porto Ceneviz Bay are some important swimming areas close to the center of Kemer Antalya.

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